The Ascension

A magical war is brewing. While humankind is blissfully unaware, two evil brothers, a sorcerer and a necromancer, are marshaling deadly supernatural forces and armies of mythical creatures in a bid to destroy one another. The triumphant warlord will be free to impose their dominion over Earth's natural world and a coexisting magical realm concealed from human knowledge behind an ethereal veil.

Meanwhile, Callum Walker is an introverted young man born with gifts that he struggles to understand. As monsters begin wreaking havoc in his city, Callum is compelled to use his unmastered arcane abilities to combat the growing menace. Unfortunately, the scheming warlords notice his vigilante escapades, and both see Callum as a potential threat.

While coming to terms with his extraordinary powers, Callum discovers a hidden world of magic and a cryptic prophecy that proclaims he will end the warfare now breaching the veil. However, Callum soon finds himself pursued by the agents of both factions, plus those seeking personal sanctuary or offering to help.

Ultimately, Callum Walker must overcome his fears and doubts if he hopes to survive, let alone bring the conflict to an end.


1 thought on “The Ascension”

  1. Melodie Krawchuk

    I enjoyed being captivated by the story, and it came alive in my mind. I became invested in the characters lives and stories, and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the second book.
    This is a must read, for teens and adults alike.

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