The Fractured Veil: Third Novel in the Callum Walker Series

Callum Walker triumphed over the darkest of evils but, in doing so, the veil separating humankind from the magical realm was damaged. To protect humanity, Callum patrols the border to prevent malicious vagrants from wreaking havoc. Realizing his self-assigned task is impossible and, after failing to garner support from his elven allies, Callum sets out to repair the fractured veil…alone.

After the veil’s near collapse, Neola, the goddess of the veil, calls upon her demigod son, Jax Foster, to determine if the responsible one poses any further threat to the barrier. Jax finds Callum and accosts him for answers, seriously injuring him in the process. Learning that they are both protecting the veil, Jax atones by forcing Callum to accept help, and their friendship develops.

Meanwhile, the Harpies resent the warlock’s previous escape from their clutches. They manipulate the goddesses of vengeance and retribution, the Furies, into effecting their revenge. As Callum begins to heal, the Furies abduct and pronounce him guilty of the Harpies’ fabricated crimes. While the warlock endures gruesome tortures, Jax seeks to rescue Callum and risks punishment for past misdeeds.

Callum’s deliverance carries a heavy cost, and his experience leaves him broken. Recovery takes time, but the warlock now has a valuable friend in Jax, and the demigod harbors a hopeful secret for their future.